Grease Fitting Brands

We offer an extensive line of Alemite grease fittings, couplers, plugs, and other lubrication tools. M. Brown is a master distributor of Alemite grease fittings and lubrication equipment, providing you a huge inventory at discount prices. View our entire selection of Alemite grease fittings and lubrication supplies to find the equipment you need. Call or request a quote today.

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M. Brown is a master distributor of Lincoln grease fittings, hoses, grease guns, and other lubrication supplies. Keeping a huge inventory in stock at all times, we provide mass quantities at discount prices with quick delivery. Find the lubrication equipment you need today, and call us to request a quote or free samples today.

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Our own private label, Duralube, was created to provide wholesale purchasing at the lowest cost to you. Our Duralube private label brand offers and extensive selection of lubrication supplies to suit your lubrication needs. Call to inquire about or request samples of Duralube grease fittings and lubrication supplies today.

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Balcrank is one of our leading manufacturers of grease fittings, particularly hydraulic grease fittings. With a huge inventory in stock, we offer mass quantities of Balcrank grease fittings and lubrication supplies at low prices. Find the lubrication equipment you need, and call us today to request a quote or sample.


M. Brown offers a large selection of Kingfisher grease fittings and other lubrication equipment. With hydraulic grease fittings and other Kingfisher lubrication supplies guaranteed in stock, M. Brown offers large quantities at a low price with quick delivery. Call today to inquire about samples or to request a quote.

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